Last year, at this same period, I was in the middle of the jungle, Southern Asia, detoxing high my entire body from bottom to top.

As I’ve changed my lifestyle over the past year, I’ve also changed the way I feed myself.

I’d already have quite a lot of trouble with spleen and liver before that, but still, I can’t explain the way most people fill themselves up with food as if their bodies were some sort of food storage.

How, can you, guys, eat so much ? Is this really useful to get full and then detox ? This sounds like filling a box up with trash and then spend hours cleaning it. There might be a quicker process ?? Like not letting the bad in… Just a hint…

The way we eat is 99% the result of a social habit. You don’t eat because your body needs it or because your health needs it, but simply because you’ve been taught to eat twice or 3 times a day. Even though this habit is killing you, it sounds to be stronger than your own instinct to determine what you’ll put in your lovely body.

And Even though you’re aware of being another sheep in the flock, you might keep on and on… because so much social convenience provides you from being YOU. Personally, and probably because I’ve been sick before, this kinda of leaves me mouth open…

I do wonder why anybody else than myself should be responsible for what I let into my body, especially when this could make me sic and/or die with lots of advance !!

What’s exactly the point in absorbing stuff we don’t need ? What’s the reason for that and what are the consequences ?

Social habit

The main point, we got it, is about being accepted in the group, primarily in the tribe we belong to. In spite of all the many health advice, health magazines, health programs we do have the ability to access nowadays, we still get stuck to this social food tendency. It’s so deeply rooted in our western cultures that, even though you’re sick, some people won’t understand you don’t eat this or that.


Second point, is that food is also very much related to our emotional system. Most of the food we eat is not meant to feed our body but to feed our emotional gaps. Whether it is to counterbalance our fear, our lack of love or whatever emotion we’re not consciously able to get some space from.

When you start to get this « greedy » habit unstuck, you may also realize that not only do you share a meal with other people but so do you with their emotions. Unless your friends/family learnt how to eat consciously, say, in silence (at least in the mind) focusing their attention on the food they’re bringing to their mouth and on their REAL needs.


Pleasure is a concept we’re very fond of in our modern western societies. But, please, let’s put this notion back to its place. From a buddhist perspective, for instance, pleasure is great as long as we don’t fall into it. Pleasure happens, randomly, but it is not permanent, nore is anything in this lifetime.

How can you enjoy a good piece of chocolate if you eat chocolate daily on and on ?? How can you appreciate a good relationship if you chase a 1000 women at the same time ? Pleasure should get back to its place , say  a happy « luxury » moment offered to us because we also know how to face toughness, and regular life with a sense of discipline.


As long as you identify what your REAL NEEDS are, and this may concern all parts of life : body, mind, relationships, lifestyle, energies… and so on… as long as you choose the right path, say the one that’s good for you, you’ll see your « needs list » decrease pretty quickly. Replaced by a (much lighter) wish list 🙂

What we do to our bodies when forcing the way with unappropriate food is usually what we also impose to our lives, forcing ourselves to live wrong situations, wrong relationships, wrong wrong wrong, probably according to very old patterns we grew up with. But that no longer make sense  in the HERE & NOW.

If we’re able to choose what we want to live, we can also choose to respect our bodies, feed them when needed, and only then.

Our body basically needs a lot of GREEN to regenerate and rejuvenate. It also mainly needs water. We’re not trees but we do need to water our bodies MORE. Especially to maintain our organs alive and efficient. (which strenghtens our immune system and global resistance)

The more you detoxify your body, the more aware you become about the RIGHT functionning of your internal organs and of all the bad you’ve been doing to them during ages, (simply to match with social convenience), the less food you’ll eat… I promise.

This does not mean you’ll stop eating. But you’ll simply give your body what it needs, REAL food, REAL prâna. And basic « pleasure » may be replaced by the joy of your body, so grateful to be respected, loved and fed properly.

Main benefits of the process :

-You save time

-You save money

-You get a great clarity of the mind by reducing all the toxins found in unappropriate food (especially sugars, meat, dairies and gluten) and then released in our bodies.

–  Since your organs work better, it automatically rebalances your emotional state and you may find yourself at peace, simply by eating different

-you gain A LOT of energy

-The aging process clearly slows down

-Your energetic frequency raises up which enables you to work out your life in a more simple way.

-You feel lighter in all ways : more light (energy, prâna), less physical weight, less emotional weight, less mental weight.

I’d just say, let’s not impose more suffering to our bodies than what we have to handle already.

Let’s just be slightly aware of what we’re doing with our lives. Our body is precious, it is our unique vehicle on the path of this lifetime. No need to torture it. Try it once, and observe : your body will be grateful !

Happy post Christmas detox All !

With Love



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