Hi All !

We, French people, have almost disappeared of the surface of earth over the last few days. For you to kow.. !

Should Paris have been a glacier, it would have melted completely this week !

Now that the thermometer is a little bit more quiet and some tropical rain came to refresh us this afternoon, sounds like we can think again ! Not too much though !  Too much thinking is not healthy, is it ?

Today I wanted to emphasize the importance of our words, which actually reveal our deepest thoughts and truly impact our entire life.

Let’s be careful with our own words. They can be weapons sometimes.

It’s not about forcing positivity and turn into peace and love adepts.

We’re not Alice in Wonderland.

It’s not about being blind to our reality either. At all! It’s simply about making it softer, lighter and it’s about inviting joy in our lives at every second, simply by choosing the appropirate words when we’re up to define what we see, what we feel, what we want.

Let’s be gracious to ourselves, it does change it all. Instead of sticking another judgmental adjective to one and each of our behaviours, thoughts, tricky situations, why not simply observe things as they are ?

Try it for a couple of days and then see how you feel. As long as we stop sticking our old patterns on the present moment, the present DOES become what it is ! A blessing, a surprise and a new opening towards the chore of life.

Beware of what you wish ! The universe will hear it anyway and send it back to you with their universal boomerang !

Beware of what you say ! The universe will take it for granted and manifest it.

Then no need to be surprised about our reality. We, our thoughts, our words simply define it and create it.

We all have our own « automatic » patterns deeply rooted in the system, for sure ! And fight them would actually reinforce the software (may I say !) So why not simply accept them, and try step by step to change our reality to something softer. Very often our external projections are rooted in a low self estim. What I mean is that we very often unconsciously believe that we do not DESERVE love, joy, light in our lives. But this is a BELIEF ! It’s up to us to get out of the old path and create a new one.
You’re fed up with this repetitive scheme in your life ? You’d always have the same type of reaction in front of an X situation ? Just be aware of it ! and accept you’re not perfect. As long as awareness merges, we’re on the way to a real change. It’s about practising a little bit everyday.

Let’s make it simple ! Be happy my loves ! I wish you a lighty Sunday !


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