About Compassion

There’s not much to say about it but to open your heart to any kind of situation.

Cease all judgemental thoughts, even in front of an aggression.

I got highly surprised these days to manage not to react to an aggression. To be able to understand, deeply that all that hate and anger in front of me were not dedicated to me personally.

And instead of reacting badly I heard myself speak smoothly, with my heart, imposing respect on the other person. When you start to speak truly with your heart in front of any situation, you let the inner peace invade both YOUR space and the other fellow’s.

It’s kind of surprising.

You do need to let go of all sorts of egotic attachements before that. Easy to say… I’m not quite sure of how long this Buddhist after effect will last but I can assure there is a link between how I non react to things these days and the huge Buddhist master I had the luck to meet in Southern France last week. Plus the empowerment we all received from him.

Anyway, it’s good to see that, with time, we’re able to slightly improve ourselves.

And if an impulsive Spanish lady like me can work it out, there’s hope 🙂

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